Privacy Policy

About the collection and purpose of use of personal information

Our website may use the personal information collected by internet (your login information), telephone, and fax for below purposes only.
For other purposes, we will obtain customers’ consent first.

1.	Personal information of general registrants and exhibitors
 (1) Information provision of services
(2)Inquiries response
(3)Provision of membership services
(4)Basic, statistical data production for necessary managerial analysis, including market research and customer trend research.
(5)Implementation of contract or obligation as a condition of the business permission
(6)Business talk, meeting, communication
(7)Name list, item delivery
In the range of above purposes, we may share information with our affiliated companies, but we do not provide your personal information to a third party without your prior consent.
However, these restrictions are not applied in any of the following cases.
(a)	Disclosure of personal information with customers consent.
(b)	Personal information is requested by law or ordinance.
(c)	Disclosure of statistical information (personal information cannot be identified) for the analysis of the website trend.

To let customers use our site easily, we set “cookies”, a technology, in some of our web pages.
By Cookie, users’ computer can be identified, but name, address, phone number, email address and so on cannot be acquired.

Specific individual remains anonymous and cannot be identified unless the customer inputs his/her personal information. Also,
it is possible to set in browser by customer himself/herself whether he/she wants to use cookie or not. Furthermore, we use web beacon only to count the number of webpage visits. It doesn’t hold the function to identify specific individual. 3.Personal Information Management System To make sure the accuracy and the safety of personal information, we take necessary measures and make efforts to prevent information from
being lost, damaged, falsificated, and leaked. If any situation above happens, we will take action immediately. 4.Personal Information Management System Customers can visit our website without sharing personal information, and this simple visit will not make us able to
collect customers’ information. For example, we analyze which page is popular through statistic data, and the data does not include any individual information. You are not required to provide personal information when you visit most of our webpages. However, if you choose not to do so,
we might be unable to provide you some of our products or services or respond to queries you may have. Please kindly understand. Our websites and e-mail newsletters may include links to external websites. We do not share customers’ information with external websites. Also, we are not responsible for protecting customers’ information on those external websites. Without obtaining your prior consent, we will not use customers’ personal information beyond the above range of purpose of use. In case of any change to the purpose of use, we will notify you immediately or announce publicly.