Members can use right now ! We renewal opened 『Kouryu-kaido』

Today , March 1st , members can use right now ! We renewal opened 『Kouryu-kaido』

▼Introduction of how to use 『Kouryu-kaido'』with animation!

▼Top page of 『Kouryu-kaido'』

『Kouryu-kaido』is a community of BIGLEMON, which can be used just by registering as a member.
Just posting ...
▶You can publicize PR / publicity to more than 22,000 companies related to construction!
▶Business connection can be done!
▶You can create your own WEB page!

During the pre-opening , we carried out renovation and add functions from customers voices.
You can make a new “connection with ”『Kouryu-kaido』 which became easier to use,and spread the business !